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Ph.D. Thesis Recombinant antibody-technologies (m/w/d) Arbeitsort: Reutlingen

Ph.D. Thesis Recombinant antibody-technologies (m/w/d)

The NMI is a member of the Innovation Alliance Baden-Württemberg. It is involved in application-oriented research at the interface between the life sciences and material science. An interdisciplinary team of scientists is developing new technologies for companies and public research sponsors in the areas of pharma and biotechnology, biomedical technology, and surface and materials technology.

The group Recombinant Antibody Technology at the NMI and the University of Tuebingen is committed to develop novel and reliable binding molecules to be applied in proteomics, microscopy and molecular imaging. In this group we offer an immediate opening for a Ph.D. position.

Job Description

There is a continual need for high-quality binding reagents that report on the structural conformation, localization, spatiotemporal dynamics and interaction factors of cellular components. Single-domain antibody fragments – referred to as nanobodies - derived from heavy-chain-only antibodies of camelids have emerged as attractive alternatives to conventional antibodies for multiple applications in biomedical research. Nanobodies provide an outstanding tool for structural analysis, imaging and proteome analysis as they are small (~ 15 kDa), highly soluble and stable, and can be targeted-modified according to the needs of the intended application.

In a current project we are developing novel nanobodies for proteomics and preclinical molecular imaging of immune-related cellular targets. Starting from nanobody-gene-libraries, target specific nanobodies will be selected by phage display, biochemically characterized and functionalized for proteomics and imaging applications.


  • Master degree in Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences or similar
  • Experience in molecular biology, protein expression, purification and functionalization
  • Knowledge in phage display, cell biology, microscopy and flow cytometry would be welcome

We offer

  • A thesis within an exciting multidisciplinary project and a highly innovative research topic
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • A supportive and scientifically engaging environment with careful supervision
  • Remuneration according to the TV-L scale EG 13, contract is limited to three years

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Ihre Ansprechpartnerin

Frau Katja Rösslein


NMI Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut an der Universität Tübingen
Markwiesenstraße 55
72770 Reutlingen

Telefon: +49 7121 5153070
E-Mail: bewerbung@nmi.de